Growing Essential Living’s organic sessions by 396%

Essential Living

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Essential Living was the first brand to launch a build-to-rent building in over 70 years! That building — Vantage Point — led the charge for what has become a wave of new buildings sweeping across the UK.

We’ve worked with Essential Living since before they were operational. And one of the projects that perhaps had the most impact was our content marketing and SEO services that catapulted their organic sessions, leads and customers through the roof!

And this was a vital project as, at the time, build-to-rent operators weren’t allowed on Rightmove, which stifled the potential number of inbound leads they could receive.

And with hundreds of apartments to let across three existing buildings and their biggest development yet — Union Wharf — imminently launching, they needed leads!

Vantage Point in Archway, Islington

Our approach was to go after some quick wins. What are people searching for that’s related to renting in the areas Essential Living operate, but would pitch us against little or no serious competition? Let’s create a piece of content for each that’s fully optimised for that specific keyword.

The search volumes were naturally smaller, but the route to no.1 was free and open. And we cleaned up!

We were stacking up no.1 spots like they were a walk in the park! And the sessions started to spike.

Dressage Court in Bethnal Green

So next we moved on to heavier hitting phrases with higher search volumes. And using the same methodology with our content, we continued to clean up. We were getting plenty of no.1 and top 3 spots for dozens of keywords. And it was all inflating the organic traffic heading to Essential Living’s website.

Overall, this is what we achieved:

  • 396% increase in organic traffic
  • 161% increase in organic leads
  • 247% increase in organic customers
  • 3794% return on investment (yep, you read that right!)
Union Wharf in Greenwich

“We have worked with Incremental over a number of years. They were the driving force in building our SEO and content generated leads and I would highly recommend them across all marketing disciplines.” — Nick Woodward, Lettings Director

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