Fine-tuning HubSpot to help Vertus reach stabilisation


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Vertus is a luxury rental brand within the build-to-rent industry. They are the rental arm of Canary Wharf Group, with three stunning buildings on the Canary Wharf estate — 8 Water Street, 10 George Street and the iconic Newfoundland.

Incremental was hired in late 2021 with a brief to develop and fine-tune Vertus’s existing HubSpot account.

Vertus had seen rapid growth to over 1,000 units in a short space of time. And that, coupled with the chaos of the pandemic, meant that their HubSpot account hadn’t scaled as fluidly as they wanted it to.

They were hugely popular and were seeing a colossal amount of enquiries flood their system! But they were yet to properly capitalise on the automation HubSpot can bring to the table.

So that’s where we came in.

Newfoundland, Canary Wharf

Our approach was to first audit their HubSpot account and identify current performance, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

We then drew up a to-do list of areas to focus on, prioritised them and got stuck in.

The project was an end-to-end finesse of HubSpot to help Vertus more easily manage their inbound enquiries. It included development work on marketing hub and sales hub, and an implementation of operations hub.

10 George Street, Canary Wharf

The end product was the creation of a more organised, clutter-free, fluid experience for the team that allowed them to focus on moving enquiries through their pipeline and closing deals, along with thorough training in all areas.

After 12 months of working together, Vertus hit the milestone of being 100% let at the end of 2022 — a huge achievement in a short space of time.

We are chuffed to say we’re still retained by Vertus to provide ongoing support and training.

Vertus team celebrating stabilisation

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