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VervLife is a build-to-rent and co-living management company that launched in May 2021. Since then, they’ve picked up a rapidly growing pipeline of buildings under their managed umbrella.

Incremental worked with the VervLife team to plan and develop their brand new tech stack, which had HubSpot at its centre.

The major challenge of this project was that VervLife would be marketing and letting apartments from several different brands within the one HubSpot account.

So this meant we had to set the account up to cater for this. It was essential that reports could pick out data related to one specific scheme. It was vital that data was partitioned and GDPR compliant. And likewise it was important that one building manager couldn’t see or interact with the contacts for another building.

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Once the scope of the work had been covered we began by mapping out their customer journey from end to end. This included every touchpoint, communication, status change and process involved in the lettings process.

Once this was drawn up, we then highlighted all the actions that we could automate. Which, as it happened, turned out to be about two thirds of the journey! This had the potential to save the team a tonne of time that would have otherwise been wasted in admin.

Once it was reviewed, amended and approved by the client, we cracked on a built it out.

Since then we’ve continued to work with VervLife to further finesse their customer journey.

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“Mark is a HubSpot problem-solving genius that unlocked and optimised a pivotal part of our business model. A pleasure to work with, professional, and a real expert in what he does. We would recommend Incremental to anyone looking to set up or optimise their HubSpot, lead gen, processes and integrations with other systems.” — David Bryson-Sharples, Central Operations Manager

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