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After working within the build-to-rent sector since 2016, we’ve made connections with dozens of brands. And we’ve learnt some important industry trends from them.

For instance, from a marketing point of view there’s one crucial factor that’s vitally important for any rental brand in order to keep their units tenanted: leads. A sustained flow of inbound leads looking to live in their building.

Most developers or letting agents would turn to the big property portals for these leads, namely Rightmove and Zoopla. But build-to-rent and co-living buildings offer so much more than your standard rental apartment, and these portals offer very little to help promote that.

So we decided to create Right Rent, a property portal dedicated to build-to-rent and co-living brands.

As many build-to-rent and co-living brands offer a premium living experience, the website needed to align with that look appealing.

And it had to be functionally powerful. There had to be the nuts and bolts under the hood to be able to deliver a technically sound website at the same standard — or ideally above — as the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla.

Right Rent functions in much the same way as any other property portal. Listings are added and you can view them and make an enquiry. But there are differences in place to support build-to-rent and co-living brands.

For instance, the development listings are permanent. Each development that’s added to Right Rent is there indefinitely, and therefore able to collect reviews and generate leads all year round. Temporary unit listings related to the ‘parent’ development listings will be coming soon.

And there’s a wide variety of filters to make use of. Users can filter by location, apartment size and budget just like they can on other portals. But with Right Rent, they can also search for buildings:

  1. With the amenities they would find useful
  2. Offering the services they would enjoy
  3. With tenancy features they would value
  4. With apartment features they would like

Even buildings of a certain number of storeys can be found via Right Rent.

The individual listings give build-to-rent and co-living brands the opportunity to really show off their building. From a gallery of 50 images and a full write-up on the building, the apartments, amenities, location and community, through to information on pricing, the number of homes, the number of storeys, whether homes are available unfurnished, part-furnished, or furnished, and much more.

A user can also follow a development to get social-style updates (much more development coming on this soon), direct message a development’s operator via our messaging system, and review a development based on a multi-criteria review system.

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